Trever Gatto In Asia

Kayotics rider Trever Gatto is on a tour of Asia and packed a skim for the journey. Make sure to follow him around Asia as he skims and adventures.
We were thrilled to hear that Trever recently met up with our Kayotics Family in Japan and got to meet and ride with them. So stoked someone from our side of the pond got to connect with their crew. They are so hyped on skimming and are always representing Kayotics to the fullest. Keep an eye on Trevor on instagram to see what he's up to next. Make sure to stay tuned with the Kayotics japan chapter as they are starting to drop some heat!

Dubai Skimboarding With Andric Rae

A quick glimpse at skimboarding from Andric Rae in Dubai. There is not much of a flatland skim scene in Dubai nor the UAE yet. The beaches are amazing and the sport is still unknown to tourists and locals alike. We hope to change that by shedding some light and creating more awareness out there and get the youth on some skimboards.


A Canadian And A Filipino meet in Dubai.

Kayotics founder John Minns recently shot over to Dubai to skim the golf. Minns linked up with Andric Rae a young ripper from the Philippines. Dubai and Sharjah all have amazing beaches to shred. The crystal clear warm waters make it very desirable. The sport is still relatively unknown in the middle east but has great potential.